Friday, November 28, 2008

I Love Fall Weddings!

I myself got married to my husband in the spring but we did this because he was graduating from college and getting commissioned into the Marine Corps and May just seemed like the best time to get married but if I could do it over, I would get married in the fall.  I love when the air turns crisp and there is a slight breeze rustling the leaves that have already fallen on the ground. I also love how nature provides a range of color in the trees. Golden browns, brilliant reds and vibrant oranges seem to blend all together to provide a rich warm palette to use for a wedding backdrop. This is what was provided for us the weekend that Colin Evett and Raechal Johnson got married. The air was nippy, the sun was warm, the trees around the Greenbranch were turning colors and the sunset was brilliant.

If you get to spend any time with Colin and Raechal you immediately learn one thing about them. They are so much in love. They are truly endeared to each other and it shows in how they look at each other and how they speak to each other.  When we shot their engagements earlier in the year, we had a blast wandering around downtown Bryan and we knew that their wedding was going to be really special.  Colin's sister is an aspiring pastry chef so she designed and baked their wedding cake. The food was catered by Madden's and had an Italian flair due to their love of Italian food and Colin's trips to Italy. One of the bar drinks was even made special for Raechal. It was a favorite of hers from her trip to South America.

The wedding was just beautiful and it was a pleasure being able to capture their love for each other from many different vantage points. One of the reasons this wedding was so enjoyable was because of the untiring efforts of Cecilia Rusch, Raechal's coordinator. Cecilia made everything run so smoothly. Enjoy a few of the images that we captured from Colin and Raechal's very special day and if you are in need of wedding portraiture or even just a family portrait please contact us at K. Norwood Portraiture. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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