Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy week!

Well Monday night was the engagement announcement which dovetailed itself into an early morning get up to go to the Outpatient Surgery Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan. Tuesday morning I was slated for a much needed shoulder surgery on my left shoulder. We were out of the house by 5:30am and walking through the doors at 6:00am. It didn't take long for them to get me into a preop room and explain the highly technical stuff they were going to do to me. I left instructions with Robert that if anything were to happen to me, he had my permission to remarry in a year but she had to weigh more than me, have warts and talk funny...I don't think he will go through with it, but you never know!

After explaining about how they were going to put something in my neck that would keep my shoulder numb for 3 or four days, Robert said do it-she hates pain!  Yep, but I also hate looking like death warmed over too and I've got the pictures to prove it.  I doubt you will ever see a post of me like this again, so enjoy it while you can.  It's not the most flattering pictures I've ever taken and I promise my clients I will never take pictures like this of you.  You will always look beautiful but what the heck-you lose all dignity when you have surgery.

On the flip side, surgery went well, I am obviously posting this afterwards and using my left hand at least to type. I've been editing pictures in the early morning hours when I can't sleep due to being uncomfortable but at least it is not keeping me from getting work done around here.  I can't lift a camera for awhile-shucks! but I can edit pictures so for all you people who just got married-don't worry-you will have your images online soon.

Well, here are a few images of the block in my neck and my sling like I promised.  Thanks to everyone that has called and checked up on me, I really appreciate the kind words and warm thoughts.  And a big thank you goes to my mom and dad for bringing meals over and looking after me and also to my daughter and her kids for coming over and playing Wall-E with their "chief".  Enough for now!


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