Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gig' Em Matt and Sara

What do you get when you add the TAMU campus, the Century Tree, a white shirt and a maroon dress and a really cute couple and a fun group of photographers... you get a National Championship of engagement shoots! 

Sara and Matt are planning their wedding in late June of 2009. Both are Aggies-Matt is working on his graduate degree in Poultry Science and Sara wants to work with exotic animals.  We met up with them at the Century Tree on campus on November 9th to do their engagement session and had the best time looking for places on campus to take pictures.  After spending a bit of time at the Century Tree, we strolled around looking for Aggie landmarks. The Academic Bldg made for a great backdrop and then off to the Fish Pond and a few pictures in front of Sbisa Dining Hall and then a walk over to the Chicken and Bottle Cap Alley.  (I can't remember if we called it Bottle Cap Alley back in '78) Then we finished up behind the George Bush Library for the final score.

All in all it was a win for both teams-the photographers at K. Norwood Portraiture had a blast and Matt and Sara walked away with winning photography!  So we all know what Aggies do when they score--they kiss!

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