Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Melchor Wedding-October 18, 2008

After two days of non-stop editing, I finished up the last few images from Carly and Austin's wedding. After the luncheon, we packed up our cameras and headed to downtown Amarillo to get some pictures of just Carly and Austin. She had mentioned something about a house that had some pretty steps and columns.  She didn't tell me how beautiful the home was. After doing some internet research, I discovered it was on the National Register of Historic Places and if I'm not mistaken it's the Lee and Mary Bivins House.  It was a beautiful backdrop for some very cool shots of the two of them. We also traveled to some gorgeous homes on the outskirts of Amarillo and took some shots of Carly and Austin in front of a house there.  We want to thank Stacia for letting us use her yard and her beautiful home as a backdrop.

Then it was off to Canyon, TX for the reception.  Here are just a few images from that night.  Enjoy and congratulations to Carly and Austin Melchor!

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CC Photography by Betty Gray said...

The one with the mom shows so much meaning. I like her being the only one in focus on that shot. The bride was a beauty. Great job!