Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Melchor Wedding Activities

Well, it seems like I can't sleep so I thought I would work on a couple of images from the pre-ceremony of Austin and Carly Melchor. I had never met Carly before but I've known Austin for the last nine years and when he told us he was moving to Amarillo so he could be closer to Carly during their engagement I knew he had met the right girl. We met Carly on Friday before the wedding and fell in love with her also. She is so bubbly that her enthusiasm for life is contagious. It was like we had known each other forever. We visited at the rehearsal dinner and then checked out the Kingdom Hall where they would get married. The bridal party was made up of close friends and family and some whom shall not be mentioned (you know who you are) were loving the camera.

Saturday started out early with driving to the airport to pick up our 2nd photographer (my husband Robert). He had lost his car keys on his trip to Hawaii so he needed to run to the mall for extra clothes. BTW, he NEVER goes to the mall so this was a real chore. After getting him squared away, I drove him back to the hotel and then it was back to the mall for some getting ready shots at the local Dillard's. The staff was very nice and I traveled back and forth between the Chanel counter and the Dior counter-getting shots of Carly and Lenea getting their makeup done. Man, next time I'm getting my makeup done before a wedding. It looks like fun!

Here are a few images from the morning's activities. Will post more later!


CC Photography by Betty Gray said...

Love the getting ready shots. She looks really nervous, but that's part of it and I like it. :-)

Mary DeGreve said...

I always wear my tiara to the mall also! Love the black and whites!

Linnea said...

OMG you had to use the pic of me with no makeup Kathy! HAHA! BTW, my name is spelled LINNEA. Take care & the pics are BEAUTIFUL.