Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Website Latest Update

Well, the site grows-from just a few images, to a full fledged site. I'm so excited. Friday is the deadline to get everything up and running.  I'm working with a web designer now to fine tune the last little details.  But what else has been going on!

We just got back from a much needed vacation at Galveston Beach. The whole family was able to come and it was great to watch my granddaughters-14 months old and 3 months old enjoying the waves and playing in the sand.  I will need to upload pictures tomorrow of my niece trying out her first skim board. And the week before the vacation, I had an engagement shoot, a bridal shoot and a 3 week old infant and mother shoot.  Busy I was, in the famous words of Yoda!  While it was a long week, it was a wonderful week of getting to know Chad and Nancy better and finally meeting the daughter-in-law of a very good friend. Heather and Braden are just the cutest mom and son combo.  Braden even made it through the entire session without getting us wet.

Well enough for now,

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