Friday, January 23, 2009

Last baby of 2008 (at least in my studio)!

I received a phone call from a daughter of one of my sister's workfriends who stated she really love the images she saw on our site ad would I be available to take her 2 week old son's pictures.  I said yes of course, but all I had was December 31st.  Perfect for them, perfect for me. Danielle showed up at the studio with the sweetest little baby boy named Weston.  He had the finest blond hair that when you photographed just right his hair looked like a little mohawk.  Grandma Donna came along to help and we had a blast playing with Weston.  He never cried-well almost never cried and had some of the most precious grins while he was sleeping.  I can't wait to photograph him again when he is awake a little more. Here are a few images from his photo shoot.  Don't you just want to take him home!

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