Monday, August 11, 2008

Southern California

The weather has been perfect here while we've been on a short hiatus.  Our good friends, Paul and Tari have been turning us into beach bums with a trip a day Crystal Cove.  Friday we hit the beach after a quick change into bathing suits at their home in Laguna Beach and then off to their favorite beach location.  The weather was beautiful-no marine layer clouding the bright sun and wonderful cool refreshing breezes. The Pacific is a mite bit colder than our warm Gulf but the waves were spectacular.  On Saturday we went to breakfast at the Beachcomber which is a quaint little cottage turned into restaurant.  We got to see the house where they filmed the movie "Beaches" and our friends told us about the history of the area.  Saturday evening was a time for us to meet 4 more couples who were also attending the Pageant.  The food was wonderful and the friends were incredibly entertaining.  Then it was time to walk to the trolley and head to the Canyon for the Pageant. If you've never been, it is a treat to see. When you enter into the area, you see displays of any kind of art you can imagine.  I, of course, tried to see as many exhibits that had to do with photography as possible. The unfortunate part of seeing the Pageant is that you can't take any pictures inside the coliseum so you will just have to see it for yourself.  Sunday after breakfast we were back at the beach taking turns getting knocked down by the waves.  The waves were so strong that I didn't quite make it through one and came up spitting.  All I remember is seeing white above me and telling myself..hold your breath, hold your breath...sure enough a moment later I came up spitting. The surf can be very deceiving!  From then on, this Texas girl just got wet when she needed too.  Once was enough for me. 

Here's a few shots from this weekend.

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