Friday, March 6, 2009

Glamour Shoot-Nancy Carter

Recently I had one of my former brides from 2008 come in for a different type of session. We wanted to try something unusual and I think we were able to achieve our goal.  For this kind of session there are a few things to keep in mind. First, wear a white shirt or top. You will be photographed on a white background and for the most part we only photograph from right above your bustline.  These are closeups, girls. We take tight shots to accentuate your eyes, lips and hair.  Secondly, wear your eye and lip makeup just a tad bit darker. By doing so, we really bring emphasis to these areas.  Apply the rest of your makeup as you would normally but don't worry too much about any blemishes. When you see the finished product, your skin will look like porcelain.  Third, be prepared to sit on the floor for most of the session. We will use a fan to get some movement in your hair and lastly, have fun with it. This is a great time to flirt with the camera. All those pouty expressions you've practiced in front of the mirror will pay off here. I hope you enjoy the images from Nancy's session and make sure to call now to schedule your high key glamour shoot.

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